Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Hi everyone and I hope you're all enjoying a sunny Tuesday afternoon...

At the moment, things are a bit slow here at the house of craft...can't seem to find my va-va-voom but that doesn't mean to say that I've not been productive. I'm just...snails pace, slow!!

Saying that, there is something to give me an incentive and get me crafting because last week I was lucky enough to receive this stash of goodies from Kuretake, who I hope to be working with a lot more in the coming months!
But for now, my first project for Kuretake, was to make a couple of cards using the Zig Art and Graphic Pens and what can I say...I was absolutely blown away by the quality of these pens! In the past I've used a LOT of pens in my work including Marvy Le Plume and also, some cheaper watercolour pens which are now relegated to the back of my cupboard somewhere but I really did enjoy working with these...these pens were juicy and so very rich in colour and what I found so amazing about them was the way they blended really well for watercolour washes, which I then applied to my stamped images and of which, you can see on the first card I'm sharing with you, below...
I hope you like it and I thought the image would show off what you can do with these pens, perfectly!! As finishing touches, I added a few flourishes, a handmade paper rose and some fibres from Kuretake.

The other wonderful thing about these fabulous pens is that you can stamp directly to paper with them and that's what I will show you in my next post... Colouring directly onto the stamp and then using this to create colour to an image!

So, I'm now going to have a further play with all the goodies from my stash and also a little pressie that I treated myself to from Lili of the Valley.

Hope you all have a wonderful day
Love Emma


  1. would you look at all those lovely toys to play and create with! :-o I can't wait to see all the amazing things you'll create with THOSE! :D

    and I KNOW your va-va-voom will come back soon! ;p

    and speaking of va-va-voom, your card is all about the VOOM! ;) nothing quite so sexy as a low cut on the back of a gorgeous woman! Beautifully done and I especially love the glitter detail on the image...really brings it to life!

    Beautiful! :D <333

  2. You've really coloured this image beautifully. Another stunning card.

    Love Lynda xxx

  3. absolutely. stunning.

    had no idea they made more than just pens! Looks like a lovely stash! They are defo good company! used to sell them!

    i know what you mean with the lack of va va voom! but you have been poorly which takes it out of you, and lets face it... creativity is a gift, but must use a lot of energy especially for you pros! sometimes, you just need to go at a snails pace to let it flow again! and you will!

    I cant remember if your blog background has always had those colourful dots?? really stand out and are lovely!! :D
    tweet ya soon my lovely! great cards!!


Thank you for all your comments and messages, they are all appreciated and I hope you'll come back and visit again soon...
Emma ~xx

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