Thursday, 17 December 2009

Belle of the Ball

Just trimming off an inch from the side of the card, can give a very different look to what can be an ordinary rectangular card shape. Put that together with some beautiful backing papers ~ you already have the makings of a simple but elegant looking card. But the real fun comes from making the main image on this particular card and if you've never tried shrink plastic, then you must!

This image comes from The Crafthouse Press. It will come plain for you to colour it in, with whatever colours you decide to choose. You can use most pens or coloured pencils on shrink plastic, anything from my beloved Sakura metallic gel pens to Marvy Le Plume markers but the trick is, not to colour it in too dark or too heavy, because when you shrink it down, it becomes more intensified.

Once the image is coloured in, then comes the fun... I usually use a heat gun to shrink the image down and at first you might think it's all going horribly wrong but I assure you, the more you heat, the image WILL flatten out! Once it's shrunk down completely, just put a stamp block on top to flatten it completely and voilĂ , you have your perfect little image to use as you want. If you want to use it as a charm, I suggest punching a hole into the plastic before you shrink it down but on this card, I used silicone glue to attach it to my background. A final touch of some ribbon and a greeting plaque was added and I hope you like the final result!

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  1. The figure on the mirror surface really adds to that overall look of depth...she definitely stands out! Brilliant card, honey! :D

    ...and the pictures are really nice, too! ;p



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