Friday, 28 September 2018

Hocus Pocus...

Hello everyone and Happy Friday!

It's time for me to share another Halloween piece today and I thought it would be fun to create this project which is full of oddities and mystery ~ welcome to Hocus Pocus, the home of Agnes and Evanora...

The structure itself is all made from an upright Vignette Tray, attached to the largest Vignette Panel to form a base and then has the smallest vignette box attached to the front where they have a memorial for those who RIP!
I painted the box, tray and the panel with a coat of Black Soot Distress Paint ~ back, front, inside and out ~ and then once that was dry, I added some Design Tape around the edges of each of the boxes.

After dry brushing each of the pieces with a little Brushed Pewter Distress Paint, I then attached some of the gorgeous new Halloween Worn Wallpaper to the back wall of the vignette box and tray, adhered into place with Matte Collage Medium.

I added some tears into the worn wallpaper to create a more worn feel.

For the base, I added a piece of the beautiful flocked polka dot paper from the Halloween Paper Stash.
Now to embellish and starting with the tray, I began by adding a mirror to the back wall made up from a Baroque Frame, inked with Mushroom Alcohol Ink. I then cut a panel of the Mirrored Sheet, which really does look like a piece of glass mirror, scratched the surface and then added a smidge of Alcohol Ink over the top before placing it behind the frame. Once I was happy with that, I then attached this to the back of the tray. I love how it shows the reflection of the witches hat once she is standing in front of it...
I also added a little spider from the Halloween Adornments and hung this down the right hand side, suspending him from some black cotton.

To complete the inside of the tray, I added some Halloween Fringing which is wrapped around a twig from my garden and placed at the top of the tray with some Spanish Moss.
Now all that is left to do, is add Agnes and Evanora, coloured lightly with Distress Maker Pens and then placed against a small wooden block, attached to their backs, which allows me to bring them to the forefront of the tray, giving me some dimension to this piece.
I can now place my tray onto the base panel, which I did and adhered it with Matte Collage Medium.

For the small memorial box, I placed the Tombstone inside and used a Halloween Remnant Rub for the wording.
I then arranged some moss around the tombstone, before attaching the metal gate, inked with Mushroom Alcohol ink and placed across the front.

I then attached this box onto my structure, again using Matte Collage Medium.
To give the bottles an oldy worldy feel, I applied Collage Medium directly onto the glass, I used the Tiny Corked Vials and the Apothecary Vials for this piece. When the medium is dry, I then added Picket Fence paint to the brown Apothecary Vials, allowed this to dry before scratching some of the paint off. For the smaller clear glass vials, I used Rock Candy Crackle Paint, painted over the top and allowed to dry before dripping Mushroom Alcohol Ink over the crackled surface. After adding some vial labels to each of the bottles and wrapping twine around the necks, I attached these to my panel over a bed of moss, together with pumpkins, boneyard findings and skulls.
In one of the bottles you will see I added some 'dead flowers' which are made up of Bouquet Findings, sprayed with Antique Linen and Pumice Stone Distress Spray Stain and then just added into the bottle.
I also placed a few, which are tied to the fence on the right hand side.
Finally, I placed two skulls in a corked dome and attached this, a corked vial and another skull onto the top of the small vignette box.
As the finishing touch, I attached a Vignette Accent along the top edge of the tray and added Hitch Fasteners to the very top before attaching the 'Hocus Pocus' Quote Chip along the bottom.
I hope you've enjoyed this piece and loved all the ideas that I have added to bring the story to life.

Thanks so much for stopping by today and for visiting Agnes and Evanora's cavern ~ I just hope you've managed to escape...............

See you soon ~ love Emma x

Heat Gun
Moss and twine from my own stash


  1. Wow, anorher fabulous one! Love it! And love halloween even though we don’t really celebrate it in Sweden 🎃

  2. You have worked Tim's halloween products superbly, Emma creating such an awesome piece of Spooky art . Thanks for showing us around Hocus Pocus . Agnes and Evanora made me feel right at home , mwahhhh !
    Have a lovely weekend
    Hugs x

  3. Wait hold -up ... yes the Giddy Queen is still checking out the details ... did you check out the FLOCKED polka dot flooring !!! Frightfully fabulous hahaha I LOVE IT !!

  4. OMGoodness!! I LOVE THIS! I have most of the supplies, but those metal bats (top of the box) have eluded me...NO ONE seems to have them and I've been searching for at least 3 weeks or more. It still won't stop me from stealing some of your ideas though. Hopefully the bats will come back next year.

  5. OMG! I SOOOOO want this! What a killer creation! So many cool details to ponder over!

  6. The mantel shrine is awesome. Love the indoor scene.


Thank you for all your comments and messages, they are all appreciated and I hope you'll come back and visit again soon...
Emma ~xx

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