Monday, 1 March 2010

Goodbye February ... hello March and a compendium of curiosities!

I can't believe that it's already only seems a minute since I was packing up the Christmas decorations and putting them away but I won't be sorry to see the end of February, it's not been my best month but through it all, I've crafted away and continued to smile!!

But now here we are, nearly spring and even though I do love Winter and yes, call me strange but for me there's nothing better than those rainy or snowy days where I can wrap up cozy, in my jumpers, scarves and warm winter boots, it's also nice to see some sunshine and a bit of colour, in the form of these bright yellow crocuses, peeking through in the garden this morning.
And it was also nice to get a present in the post, admittedly it was one to myself but hey, I'm not complaining when it's this good! Yes, as you can probably see by my photos, my Tim Holtz goodies are here and I am so excited to get extremely messy and start using them...I can't wait!! If there's one thing that this girl loves when she crafts is to experiment with new elements and techniques and over the coming days, that is exactly what I will be doing!!!

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  1. :) I'll bet those poor flowers were just DYING to bloom after such a harsh winter...and don't they just look stunning in the morning sun!

    But baby, I'm not sure you'll have too much time to appreciate the flowers with all those supplies to play with! :-o I can't wait to see what wonderful little creations you'll dream up with the help of "A Compendium of Curiosities"! ;p

    ....but whatever you come up with, something tells me they'll be even MORE stunning than those fresh yellow blooms in the garden! :D


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