Monday, 5 November 2012

It's A Date...

Hi everyone!!

Hope you all had a good weekend. Mine was full of the usual glamour...crafting...more crafting...The X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing!!! lol!! Who says I don't lead the high life?!?!

For the Barbara Gray and Clarity fans amongst my blogging buddies, I'm sure you all tuned in to watch her shows over the weekend and as always, she had some wonderful new stamp sets, which I really enjoyed working on. Barbara had some really kind words to say about myself and my work, this month and I would just like to say a huge thank you for what she really did make my day!!

...and here is the first of my samples, created for the "In The Classroom" show on Saturday and as always...I hope you like it!!

Just before I go, I just wanted to let you all know that the Making Cards Christmas Special is now available to buy and I have 14...yes, you did hear right...14 card projects in this issue and yippee, I have four of my projects on the cover!! I was over the moon to see so much of my hard work featured and thank you to Sally for asking me to be a part of this issue!
If you do manage to get a copy of this issue and count up my projects, you will only see 12 because two of them were mistakenly credited to other designers but...the cards on pages 55 and 64 are also mine!! :D

Time for me to go...if you're celebrating Bonfire Night, this evening...have a safe one, stay warm and enjoy!! I'll try to get round to visiting as many of your blogs as I can later but you're free to slap my wrists if I don't manage it!!

Enjoy your evening, everyone...see you tomorrow with another Clarity share and bye for now!
Love Emma xxx


  1. This was our favourite card of the weekend, Emma. When DD saw it she oohed and ahhhed and now desperatly wants this stamp. It really is lovely and the card you've made with it is a stunner. I managed to see The Classroom but was dragged to the swimming baths on Sunday and then there was a Grand Prix on the other side so sadly missed all your lovely samples. I shall enjoy catching up with them with you this week.
    Hugs Lisax

  2. A delightful piece of work again Emma. I missed the shows as otherwise engaged last weekend but I am sure you work shone out.

    Your designs in the Making Cards Christmas special are ALL stunning. Once I knew you had work in it, I counted what I thought to be yours without looking at the designer names and, yes, it came to over 12! So then I looked at the names and reached the 12 but, of course, easily spotted the extra 2 once you told that info to me.

  3. Haven't see the magazine, but well done for filling it so well. I would not dream of slapping your hands for not visiting with all the work you have on. You certainly deserved Barbara's lovely comments on the shows this weekend. My husband particularly liked the card with the 3d snowflakes on. Hope you have a more relaxing week. xx Maggie

  4. I am not ashamed to admit that I am very jealous of your talents as you make my cards look decidely amateur. However I am so proud and priveliged to know you and that trumps everything!!! Loving your work as ever


Thank you for all your comments and messages, they are all appreciated and I hope you'll come back and visit again soon...
Emma ~xx

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