Monday, 8 October 2012

Christmas Rose...

From a dull, cold and very damp London...hello everyone ~ Happy Monday!!

Hope you all had a good weekend and you're now ready for another week. It's a flying visit from me, as I need to get back to the craft room, (previously known as the dining room...we haven't eaten off that table since Christmas, I'm not sure I even know what it looks like anymore...haha)!!!! At the moment, I'm working on an exciting new project that I will be able to tell you all about very soon but for now, and as is the second card project that I made for Imagination Crafts. As always, I love hearing what you think about my cards and I hope you like this one.

It wasn't the easiest card to photograph, but I've taken lots of pics to show you all the details, including the gorgeous decoupage stamps and the yummy Sparkle Medium Paste, that I used through a stencil. Also to show you the versatility of these stencils, I also used the same stencil to dry emboss the card stock that I used on the front of my card.

So, I really hope the cards I've shown so far has inspired you to try some of Imagination Crafts gorgeous products...if they have, then click HERE to see the full range of what they sell.

I'll be round later for a long overdue catch up and to see what everyone has been up to, since my last visit...see you all soon!
Bye for Emma xxx


  1. Love this card, I've always struggled with gatefold cards but you have inspired me yet again

  2. Beautiful combination of traditional floral design and gold scrollwork inside - very pretty indeed.

  3. Beautiful Emma - a really elegant image and an elegant christmas card.
    Love the gold against the white too.

    Looking forward to your exciting new project....what could it be !!??
    best wishes

  4. It's beautiful. I must admit little posting has happened over at my blog, I'm crafting but not really finding time nor energy to post. I am trying to be ready for my one and only craft fair of the year early Nov. I always have so many ideas, but run out of time! Hope your ideas are flowing and you're rewards keep coming! Take care lovely Zo xx

  5. It's been misty here all day too, the sun kept trying to break through but failed until about 5 mins ago. It'll be dark soon... typical!!
    Your Christmas roses are gorgeous. They make a very classy card and that gold swirl inside is stunning.
    Hugs Lisax

  6. I love this card. I have been inspired by many of your cards in Making Cards magazine. One in particular published in Making Cards Vintage Special 2012. It was called Birthday Wishes. I have searched and searched for the card used but to no avail. Craftwork Cards do not have it as suggested in Mag. Emma can you help?
    8 October 2012 19:10

    1. Thank you for your lovely, kind words about my work in Making Cards Magazine and I'm over the moon that I've inspired you with all my card always makes all the hard work so worthwhile!! :) I would love to see any cards that you make and between you and me, lol...there are plenty more new projects in the forthcoming issues and I hope these will continue to inspire you too!! :)

      With regards to the card blank that I used in the Vintage Special, the card shape was actually wrongly described by the magazine and this is the link to the correct card (Fanciful Card Blank) that I used: I really hope that helps and I have been assured that Craftwork Cards do have them in stock but if you need any further help, just let me know!

      Thank you once again for your lovely comment...
      Have a lovely evening.
      Love Emma xx

    2. Many thanks Emma. At last I've found the Fanciful Card Blank. I checked Craftwork Cards about 3 or 4 weeks ago and it wasn't on their site. Perhaps it was out of stock. Unfortunately I didn't realise the card was wrongly described until I tried to place it on the Elegant Square card blank. You probably would have noticed this more quickly than a mere amateur like me lol. This error led me to your blog and I will look forward to seeing more of your lovely cards. crafty kate, 9 October 2012 -18:45

  7. A really lovely card, Emma, beautiful colours too. I know what you mean about the dining room table. My craft room has been in the same state, that is, until I had a teaching session with a friend. Then I had to tidy it all up and put things away. I even found my gold leaf in the process, while I lost my Melt Dust - swings and roundabouts. I found that now, but I have now lost my tracing paper. Have a good week, and I hope you are more organised than me. xx Maggie

  8. So beautiful and elegant!


Thank you for all your comments and messages, they are all appreciated and I hope you'll come back and visit again soon...
Emma ~xx

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