Wednesday, 3 August 2011

It's Too Darn Hot...

Hi everyone!!! Hope you're having a lovely Wednesday and oh my...isn't it HOT!?!?

Now, I'm never one to complain...I usually take everything in my stride but the one thing that really gets to weather, I hate it! :( I just go into meltdown and at the moment, I'm thinking of all things...COLD...snowmen, igloos, snow and mmm, ice cream!! Copious amounts of ice cold, ice cream...

Anyway, enough about me, here's my cards for today...I hope you like them!
Both of these cards, use exactly the same technique as on my previous post, using Kuretake's Calligraphy pens but I wanted to show you, how different it can look, using it in different ways and colours.
This card shows how pretty these calligraphy flowers look....

And this card, shows how versatile they can look, using different colour pens and turning the flowers into tiny, little snowflakes doodles onto a Spellbinders die cut bauble!

Thank you for stopping by and taking a look at my little creations. I've got one more technique that I want to share with you all in my next post, using these fabulous pens and I really hope you'll come back to check it out!!

See you all soon and thank you so much for all your get well wishes!! I'm feeling a little better today and I finally have a voice...somewhat gravelly but it's a voice!!
I'll be around to see all your lovely creations, asap!!
Love Emma


  1. Fabulous pieces, love the technique with the pens and the flower and rosette ate gorgeous on the first piece. Love love the bauble. I am too hot, being a red head this weather is just too much for me. Tracy x

  2. Both cards are stunning, Emma. The way you've used the pens in different ways is fab. I love the warmth but this sticky yucky heat gets to me too. Zo x

  3. Ooooh these are just fabulous Emma love your 'doodle' backgrounds they're really pretty and I adore that massive bauble! Glad you're feeling a little better too. I'm not going to disappear altogether just having a break from deadlines etc. and having a bit of me time. Do look after yourself.

    Love Lynda xxx

  4. Hi Emma, glad you're feeling a bit better. I love the technique with the pens - so effective. As usual your flowers and rosettes are gorgeous and that bauble is to die for!

    Not too warm here, thank goodness. Thanks for your lovely comment about my card - I hope you didn't laugh too much at my vintage/distressing attempts, lol! xx

  5. Two fabulous cards, your doodling is perfect, thought it was a stamp until I read the post, love the way you have gone from flower to snowflake! Glad you're feeling better.
    Avril x

  6. Two more fabulous creations - love what you've achieved with the Kuretake pens.
    Would you believe it if I said I'd been quite cold today? That's what comes of working in an air conditioned office and being under one of the ceiling vents - its ridiculous because we could quite easily wear boots and thermals to work even in the height of summer - problem is the heat then hits you with a force when you leave work for the day - ah well there's no pleasing us is there !!!

  7. Fantastic cards Emma, love the colours on the first one.

  8. More gorgeous cards, Emma. I love your snowflakes.
    It has been hot hasn't it, although I think you've been a good 5 degrees up on us. We've had rain tonight with amazing thunderdtorms around York, just the odd rumble here thankgoodness.
    Keep cool and glad to hear you are on the mend.
    Hugs Lisax

  9. Hello lovely,
    Sorry not passed by for a while and sorry to hear you have been a little under ther the weather.....sending some love and healing hugs xx I'm so envious of your amazing talent with creating such gorgeous cards........I just would not know where to start! Big hugs


  10. Oooh more doodled backgrounds - they're fabulous! Glad to hear you're feeling better. I'm hoping for some more rain it's still too hot for me! :)xx

  11. these are brilliant little cards! :D and the star is definitely those lovely little designs...versatile and beautiful! flowers..snowflakes..or I can even see them being little stars! ;)

    and I actually think the heat brings out the best in your designs! so I'll bring over the ice cream! :D


Thank you for all your comments and messages, they are all appreciated and I hope you'll come back and visit again soon...
Emma ~xx

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