Monday, 4 April 2011


Hi everyone and hope you all had a fabulous weekend but didn't it fly!?! Sometimes, it feels like it's over before it begins...

Anyway, I'm sure that some of you watched Barbara on Create and Craft, yesterday and once again this week and all week, I want to share all the samples that I made for the show, with my lovely followers. As always on these shows, you make lots of samples and sometimes, they don't get shown because the show's busy and the items sell out. So, that's why I always like to show you what I did with the stamps and I really hope some of my cards inspire you, just a lil bit!

And here's the first of my shares this week...

The images in this first share, are very simple but once colour is added, it can make such a beautiful card and I chose yellow and green for this particular one, because I thought it would make such a lovely Easter card.

The cottage stamp set is fabulous for creating scenes. You have the main stamp of the cottage and then a collection of smaller elements to build up your image, which are wonderful. And don't think that just because the trees are bare, they have to stay that way. I used Promarkers over the top of the image to create leaves on my trees and give that feeling of the first flush of Spring, when the leaves are bursting open on the branches.

Well, I hope you like the first of my shares and of course, I've got plenty more to show you during the week. So thank you for looking at my lil creations and please, come back to see all the other cards I made. I love to see all your wonderful comments and hear from my lovely friends.
See you tomorrow and hope you all have a great day!
Love Emma


  1. it must be really frustrating to make such lovely cards and they're not showing on the telly but I suppose that it's making the cards that's the real joy at the end of the day! :)

    these are cute little cards..I love the spring colours! the cottage scene stamps are especially nice...and like you said, could be used to make many unique scenes...

    Can't wait to see more! wonderfully done! :D

  2. Gorgeous cards!!! Love that beautiful bow, Jo x

  3. Gorgeous! I was gutted - I missed the show and really wanted to see your makes on telly but I couldn't tape it - it never turned up on my PVR for some reason - and we were out yesterday. But if they never showed your makes I don't feel so bad about missing the show!

    Sorry that they didn't show them, all that effort - it's a real shame.
    Still they are beautiful and you can at least show them here!
    Have a good week. Kimxx

  4. Could hardly wait to see these Emma and I'm not disappointed as they are, once again, spectacular!! Absolutely stunning! I managed to catch some of the first hour yesterday (have recorded the rest) and was very annoyed that they hardly showed any of the samples and the presenter made me soooo angry because when he was showing the stamps, he leaned all over the cards!!!! Grrrr!

  5. Fabulous cards as always - managed to record the show and watched it later.

  6. Gorgeous cards Emma. Love your work - so elegant. Glad we get to see them here in all their glory, rather than a quick flash on the TV. :)xx

  7. I always love Barbara's shows and the cards are superb. I can always spot yours. In fact the one with the UTEE on it inspired me for my DT piece this week, hope you don't mind, it was just stunning. I will link it to you!!
    Hugs Lisax

  8. These are gorgeous. I will look out for these shows in future,

    Liz x

  9. Hi Emma, Sadly I missed the show :-( so will look forward to seeing your cards this week. Absolutely love these two the first one is so so elegant and you've created such a beautiful scene on the second one - love the clouds!

    Love Lynda xxx

  10. I am a real fan of Barbara Gray and her stamps, and I love what you have done with them. I do remember seeing several of yours on the programme, and can look back to see them again as I record all her shows now to give me further inspiration.


Thank you for all your comments and messages, they are all appreciated and I hope you'll come back and visit again soon...
Emma ~xx

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