Monday 21 July 2008

Album cover of the week: U2 - War

As i've mentioned in previous posts, as well as my card designing, I'm also very interested in art, design and music and one particular area of design that I love, is album cover artwork.  In these posts I want to highlight some of my favourite covers and try and explain why I liked them.

In my teens, I was always in and out of my local record shop, and there were always two album covers that stood out to me, the aforementioned Rio by Duran Duran and the other was, U2's, "War".  From the very first time I saw this striking and powerful black and white image with it's bold red typography running down the side, not only did it become one of my favourite album covers, it also became one of the most iconic covers of the 1980's.  At a point when Northern Ireland was at the height of its troubles, this photograph of an angelic, yet intense looking young boy was capturing a moment in time.


The photograph of the young boy on the cover is Peter Rowan (brother of Bono's friend, Guggi).  He also appears on the covers of Boy, Three, The Best of 1980-1990 and early demos.  War was released on 28 February 1983 and recently been re-released and digitally remastered on the 21 July 2008.


Boy cover

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