Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Play Time

Hi everyone!!

Well, today has definitely been "one of those days"...I've been running around resembling a headless chicken with the Mission Impossible theme tune playing in my head...yup, that's how bad it's been!! LOL.

But today, I thought I'd just pop on and share a recent magazine editorial that I did for Making Cards Magazine. The theme was "Boys" and here are the set of cards that I made...I hope you like them!!
What I love about creating for all the people I work with...and for, is that I get to do so many different styles. You all know that my heart lies with Lord Tim but sometimes it's nice to get a challenge and do something different for a change and even if it isn't something that I would normally do...I think it always has that little touch of "Emma" going on somewhere!! hee hee...

Right, I am off to become a domestic goddess for the next hour or so and cook up a storm in the kitchen!

I'll be round to visit all your blogs later tonight and thank you for all the lovely comments you left on my last card...I was blown away by them all!!
See you soon and bye for now!!
Love Emma xxx


  1. Terrific cards.

  2. All have more than a 'touch' of Emma cos they are all sooo gorgeous!

    Liz x

  3. I agree Emma it is fabulous creating and developing projects that you sometimes would not normally create but like you I always add that touch of ME in there. These three cards have a definite EMMA touch. I love the rolls of paper and so beautifully put together as always. When you make your large cards do you buy them per cut e.g. 8 x 8 or do you cut yourself. I am loving the larger cards at min. Take care. Tracy x

  4. Lovely cards Emma and as always your colouring is beautiful x

  5. Hi Emma, a gorgeous set of cards, and as usual, attention to detail xxmakes them 'you'.
    Love the Clarify card in the previous post too.
    Have a great week.

  6. This is a beautiful set of cards and the soft colours are absolutely gorgeous.
    Fab as always

    Claire x

  7. these cards are so cute! they really do capture the youth and dreams of a typical little boy...so many different styles in the three cards but I really love that first card...the layout and design is brilliant! :D


Thank you for all your comments and messages, they are all appreciated and I hope you'll come back and visit again soon...
Emma ~xx

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