Monday, 30 November 2009

The Glitter Cat Collection

I'm always interested in finding and trying out new techniques and if you love getting messy and covered in glitter ~ which, let's face it, any crafter does ~ then this is a must and I think anybody will find that the end result is worth it.

For these designs, I drew and cut out a template from a self adhesive sheet, which is then mounted on card. I used cat designs but you can use any motif you wish, whether it be flowers to Christmas designs. Then I laid a piece of fabric lace over the design and covered it in one colour of glitter. After removing the excess glitter and carefully pulling back the lace, another layer of glitter, in a contrasting colour is added over the top. Once again, tap away the excess and you will be left with these wonderful contrasting glitter designs, which when added to a card, makes a stunning composition, that I'm sure anyone would love to receive.

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  1. The way you are able to get the patterns and detail on these are quite stunning..Beautiful work, baby! <333


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