Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A Blog Award from a Special Friend

It always a lovely surprise to be given an award and this was absolutely no exception when I was told I had been given this award by the lovely Stephanie-Emma, who I've got to know through twitter ... thank you, Steph!!
So the rules are that I have to mention the person who gave me the award (see above), tell you 7 things about me, give the award to 7 other blogs and let the bloggers know.

So here we go:

Firstly, seven things about me:

1. My style icon is Audrey Hepburn. I love her classic, elegant sophistication. I adore Breakfast At Tiffany's and never tire of sitting down on a Saturday afternoon, curled up on the sofa watching it.

2. I'm a music-holic. I think I was bought up on music from when I was in the womb and my parents always had music playing in the house. Even as a 6 month old baby, I used to shuffle along the floor, from one side of the room to the other, to Resurrection Shuffle. And music still plays a huge part in my life, there is always something playing on the iPod, from Lady Gaga to Frank Sinatra and of course, I'm crazy, yes CRAZY about Duran Duran. Always have been...always will be! I've seen them in concert 17 times, been in love with Simon Le Bon since I don't know when and my favourite song of all time is Ordinary World.

3. I collect Butler and Wilson jewellery.

4. One day, when I win the lottery I want to buy myself the Andy Warhol ~ Chanel silkscreen ... well a girl can dream, right? And until then...I'll be happy with my little print that sits on the wall!

5. I once packed my little suitcase, complete with the all important item...my teddy and decided to leave home at the tender age of 5. I lasted in the big world for about 5 minutes before returning to the welcoming arms of my Mum.

6. I'm a perfectionist...in my opinion and especially with my work...nothing is right, until it's 110% RIGHT!!!!

7. My favourite TV programmes, at the moment, are Glee and Desperate Housewives.

Now all I need to do is pass on this award to seven other worthy bloggers and this has been the most difficult thing to do...because I visit and comment on so many wonderful blogs and to choose just seven people to award this to...impossible!!

But my final selection was based on the number of visits and comments. And these amazing and wonderful blog buddies are the ones who have visited my blog the most and continually left me the most wonderful comments. I couldn't do this without you and all your blogs continue to amaze and inspire me, every day!

Hope you're having a fabulous week and enjoy the blogs that I've chosen!!
See you tomorrow and I haven't forgotten that I promised to show you some more of the cards using Craftwork Cards ~ Project of the Month, Fruit Scoop!!
Hope you liked the ones that I showed you, yesterday!

Love Emma


  1. Awww Emma thanks so much for this lovely award and for thinking of me.

    Love Lynda xxx


    and just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to things that make you the wonderful and amazing person you are! :*


  3. Thank you so much Emma! I really enjoyed reading about you ad I should have guessed you'd be a Butler & Wilson girl! xx

  4. Thank you for the award and for picking me.
    I enjoyed reading your '7'. I may not get mine posted straight away, but will do it as soon as I come back from holiday.
    Avril xx

  5. Congratulations on your award Emma! I got one too and the first person I thought of to award mine to was you, but Stephanie-Emma beat me to it!!

    Lovely to read a bit more about you too :).

    It's only 37 days to go until the girls and I go to see Glee in Manchester! I will have to send you the photos :).

    Much love, Helen xx

  6. Great to get you know you a little more Emma! Congrats on the award, Jo x

  7. Ohhh Emma, this means so much coming from you. Thank you so much. I shall wear my award with pride.
    Your interesting facts really are interesting. I think crafting and music goes hand in hand. I have the radio or my ipod on all day, it's my constant companion and I was brought up with music too, it was always on in our house. The earliest memory I have is sitting with my Dad in his shed at about 3 years old and hearing The Sun Has Got His Hat On on his wireless!!!!!! Happy Days.
    Hugs Lisax

  8. Thanks for thinking of me. I will post this at the weekend.

    Lovely to read your facts.

    Liz x


Thank you for all your comments and messages, they are all appreciated and I hope you'll come back and visit again soon...
Emma ~xx

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