Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Box of Delights

Hello to everyone and hope you're all having a fabulous Wednesday, so far!!

Today, I'm sharing something a little bit different but I wanted to show, just how versatile papercrafting can be. There is so much you can do, with simple pieces of card and many different techniques but all of them make that perfect gift for someone. And this little box, combined with the Dandelion Decoupage from The Crafthouse Press, is the perfect keepsake for a special card, present or as I've shown in the pictures, maybe just a CD or DVD of a treasured moment...
How did I make it? Well, it actually isn't as hard as it looks. All you need is a good paper trimmer, a scoreboard, a good quality and weight of cardstock, some strong adhesive tape and some correct measurements. The measurements are the all important thing...without those, it could be a disaster!

For the basic box shape, I used plain white card, 250gms and above should be fine and then cut it into two 7" square pieces. I then scored a line, 1" from the edge on each of the four sides and these will become the fold lines to make the box. Then snip out a triangle shape, which is half of each of the four corners and this will give you the fold to tuck in, to form your box. I always use a strong adhesive tape to adhere my corners.

Once all your folds are complete, you can now decorate it in any way that you want. My tip here is to decorate it, whilst it is still flat and not made into the box shape. It's much easier...
For my decoration, I used the Dandelion Twisted Pyramid Decoupage, which makes such a cute topper to this box. I matted and layered the completed image, together with some backing papers from The English Paper Co and some yellow Bazzill cardstock. With the final touches and additions of ribbon, flowers, twine and box is complete and ready for it's lucky recipient!!

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  1. You just keep the AMAZING coming! ;)

    The gift box seems like the natural extension project for the cards...but to go the extra mile and create the box from the ground up rather than simply decorating an all ready pre-formed box really shows off your talent! :D and I love that layering on the image...the "twist" on it is especially lovely!

    Beautiful and VERY unique...I LOVE IT!!! :D


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