Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Walking in the air...

For me, Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without Raymond Briggs' and The Snowman. Such an amazing piece of animation and wonderful illustrations, that were so simple but so very effective. Of course, when you think of The Snowman, the one thing that I think everyone remembers, is that famous song. I wonder, on how many occasions have you probably looked at the illustrations and caught yourself singing the tune? Me? I'm definitely guilty of this ~ many, many times....

These cards were made using textured papers and decoupage of some of the beautiful illustrations from Raymond Briggs' book. The main focal point of the card is a decoupaged image of "Stylish Snowman", all dressed up in his hat, scarf, trousers and braces. Each layer is individually built up using foam pads, to give depth to the image. I then cut out individual scenes, telling the story of James building his snowman and stuck those around the main decoupaged image. The finishing touch was a ribbon run down the side of the card and two small buttons attached with small off-cuts of ribbon, threaded through.

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  1. Simply LOVE the layers you use on the snowman! ...and the texture of the snow....Perfect card, honey! <333


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