Thursday, 14 February 2013

Madame Butterfly...

Good morning everyone and Happy Valentine's Day to you all!!

Thank you for all your kind words and lovely comments on my last know how much it means to me and I was overwhelmed by the response!!

Today, is just a flying visit from me to share another project that I made just before the Doctor rudely interrupted my schedule and told me to rest whilst I recover from pleurisy!!

This is another of my famous record sleeve cards and for those who've followed me for a while, you will remember that I first did this style of card a couple of years ago and I then reinvented it and made another one last month for The Artistic Stamper!! Well, today I'm sharing a DT make for Barbara Gray. Barbara asked me to make a couple of samples for her Clarity Stamp shows in Germany and this is the first of those always, I hope you like it!!

The stamps I was given comprised of the butterfly and petals and being a vinyl junkie, I thought it would be wonderful to make this card and use Madame Butterfly as my inspiration!
The sky background of the card is created using Distress Inks and I stamped the cherry blossom branch and the butterfly directly onto the sleeve that I constructed from card. I hand painted the images using Distress Marker pens.

 Each of the petals on this flower are stamped and coloured individually using Tumbled Glass DI. I then painstakingly cut each of them out by hand and assembled them to make a dimensional flower.

So, that's it from me for today but before I go...hello to all my new followers and welcome to my blog!!
I'm really looking forward to getting to know you all and to read all your lovely comments!

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's day and you all get spoilt rotten by loved ones!!
Bye for now and see you Emma xxx


  1. Gorgeous Emma, the butterfly is stunning as is your colouring. Hope you are getting better with each day. Tracy x

  2. This is stunning Emma, Hope you get better soon, sending hugs & David Beckham thoughts :D
    C xx

  3. Like it? What an unbelievably delicate yet strong design this is. The flower is so perfect - your 'painstaking' cutting out did the job well.

    When I first fell into crafting, I bought magazines and wondered why on earth/how on earth anyone would sit and cut out the intricate pieces on the free papers. Then I got it!

    You make a cuppa, put a favourite DVD or programme on the TV, sit on the sofa and cut. Never (for me) try and hand cut pieces for a project at the craft table. Therein lies the ruination of a design because you've put too much pressure on yourself.

    Here endeth the lesson ... ;-)

  4. Really beautiful and delicate trace x
    Hopeyou are still slowly recovering! Trace x

  5. Happy Valentine's Day to you too, Emma. I hope you are taking it easy and making a good if slow recovery. I'm thinking about you.
    Love this beautiful make, that blossom is so pretty.
    Hugs Lisax

  6. How lovely - this looks amazing, and so beautiful. Hope you are feeling better soon Emma, Jo x

  7. I definitely do like this card. So different but with such a light touch. That idea would make a beautiful invitation for anything. I hope you are starting to recover from that pleurisy. Take care and allow your body to heal properly. xx Maggie

  8. Beautiful! Hope you start feeling better very soon.

  9. So so pretty Emma. Love the cherry blossom branches, and real nod to spring just around the corner.

    I do hope you are on the mend, rest is the only answer.
    Take care

    Claire x

  10. Very inspiring Emma and beautiful as all your projects are x

  11. Oh Emma, I'm so thrilled I found your blog, your projects are so fresh and inspiring. I adore your record sleeve card, simply beautiful.


Thank you for all your comments and messages, they are all appreciated and I hope you'll come back and visit again soon...
Emma ~xx

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