Monday, 28 January 2013

Just to say hello...

Hi everyone!! Hope you all had a good weekend!

I was just dropping by to say hello and to say thank you to everyone who has been asking how I am and wondering if I'm ok. I did go to the GP's last week, as promised and I was diagnosed with pleurisy. So, for now...on Dr's orders, I'm having to take things easy and rest, which is actually more painful than the pleurisy itself!! Lol!!

I will be back to my blogging best, asap but until then...a very BIG thank you to everyone for all your messages and your lovely kind words!! I know I say it all the time ~ but you are the very best!!!

In the meantime, if you do want to see some of my latest creations, check out the February issue of Making Cards Magazine and should you want to make your loved one something different and very special for Valentine's Day, then I have two Valentine's projects in this issue ~ you can see one of the projects on the front of the cover!!! I would love to hear what you think about them.
Right, time for me to go...see you all very soon but bye for now!
Love Emma xxx


  1. Sending you hugs and healing wishes. Take care Zo xx

  2. Glad you went to see the GP, now you just need to look after yourself and relax. Hope you feel better soon . Lovely cards in the magazine, I was thrilled to be on the front cover this month too. Let's hope you are back to fighting fit soon Emma. Lots of hugs. Tracy x

  3. I've had pleurisy & it's notfun, at all. Take care of yourself & I hope you feel better very soon.

  4. Ugh, I had that last year and didn't listen to the doc and didn't rest up and as a result took months to heal :/ Make sure you stay warm and rested and feel better soon!!

  5. Oh poor you, Emma. Rest up and get yourself better very soon.
    Sending you big hugs.

  6. Hi Emma, I'm so glad you went to the GP and I bet you are too now you know what it is. Be a good girl and do as you're told, lol! I know that's easier said than done.

    I'm glad you put this post up because I bought the mag last weekend and wanted to let you know your cards are great. I love the ones for men and just the inspiration I need this week as it's my brother's birthday next weekend.

    Hope you start to feel lots better very soon.

    Lesley Xx

  7. Hi Emma, just popped by to say 'hello' and find you're not well.
    Take it easy, and get better soon.
    Avril x

  8. Hi Emma, glad to hear you got to the doctors and now have a diagnosis - pleurisy is "pants" - make sure you follow doctors orders otherwise it will take for ever to recover properly.
    Take care of yourself, sending hugs.

  9. Oh Emma my love, so that's why you've been so ill for so long, hopefully now they've diagnosed it you can start to get the right treatment & get better. Sit down, put your feet up, have a cuppa & dream of David Beckham :D You'll be right soon, I'm sure of it.

  10. Nasty nasty nasty, I hope you are feeling better, have you seen the David Beckham for H&M film yet?? That should help


Thank you for all your comments and messages, they are all appreciated and I hope you'll come back and visit again soon...
Emma ~xx

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