Sunday, 12 August 2012

Moonlight Serenade...

Happy Sunday!!

Hope you've all had a FAB weekend and, for those of you who have smiled, cried and screamed at the TV over the last fortnight, I hope you're now ready to sit down and watch tonight's closing ceremony of the Olympics!! I can't believe how fast it's gone but I think one thing is for sure...we can all be very proud of being British!! Team GB have been a credit to our little island...

In the meantime, I promised you some more Clarity shares from last weekend's show but yesterday, wasn't a great day here at Chez Williams' and I got slightly waylaid but to make up for it...I'm sharing two today and I really hope you like them!!
This card, is actually my favourite of the bunch...I wanted to create a Disney type feel to the card project and I just adore those little mice and that's why I chose to not put any embellishments onto this was all about them!!!

When I started this one, I had the idea but really didn't think how long it would take me to hand paint all those doves...I was there for ages!! lol. But I think the overall effect was worth it....

Okey dokey, it's time for me to fly and get myself a position on the sofa, ready for tonight's big event!!

Fingers crossed, there will be no further dramas to keep my from popping back with my last Clarity share and I'll hopefully see you all tomorrow!
Bye for now...Love Emma xxx

P.S. BIG WAVE TO ALL MY NEW FOLLOWERS! THANK YOU...and looking forward to getting to know you all! x


  1. Gorgeous! But then they always are. Oh yes I've been shouting at the TV, and listening to the radio when I've not been watching the TV! Ah well I'll be shouting at my boys next week when the footy season starts again, looking forward to seeing my footy friends again. Take care lovely. Zo xx

  2. Gorgeous Emma..and I'm so looking forward to tonight's closing ceremony too hun :o)

    big hugs Vicky xx

  3. Brilliant as always Emma! I don't know what I'm going to do with no Olympics to watch!!

  4. Rather late getting here as was watching TV - can't think why. This first card has all the elements of a CAS design. Knowing when to stop is clever.

    The second card uses those doves so well - they make me think of Escher - yes? Probably said on Barbara's show but I didn't see it this time.

  5. Hi Emma, 2 fabulous cards, as always.
    Have just watched the closing ceremony - spectacular! Hope you enjoyed it too.
    Avril xx

  6. Emma, I always enjoy your Clarity shares. The stamps are gorgeous but how you use them really really does them justice.
    I really look forward to each of your new posts.

    Have a good week,
    Claire x

  7. Beautiful cards, I love the Disney feel to the top ones

  8. I quite agree about the mice. Anything else added to that card would have destroyed its beauty. My favourite too. More stamps for the wish list. xx


Thank you for all your comments and messages, they are all appreciated and I hope you'll come back and visit again soon...
Emma ~xx

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