Monday, 2 April 2012

Field of Poppies

Hello friends!!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and now ready for the week ahead. It's been a bit of a sad and stressful weekend for me, some of you will know why and for those who don't...I won't bore you with details but after three very happy years but because of a long distance between us, I'm very sad to say...I'm single again. *le sigh*.

Anyway, enough about my woes...hey, I could fill a book with them at the moment, lol...and back to business. I'm sure all of of my blogging buddies who are Clarity fans watched Barbara's shows on Create and Craft over the weekend and as always, throughout this week, I will be showing you all the samples that I made. I hope you like them and let me know if you get bored...because there were a bumper lot!!

So, here we go...

 I adore poppies and loved every minute of working on these cards ~ I really hope I've done justice to Barbara's stamp designs and given you the feel of a gorgeous poppy field. I used Promarkers to colour in all the images and Distress Inks to create the backgrounds.

Okey dokey...time for me to try and keep busy!!

See you all tomorrow with another Clarity share...and of course, I'll be saving what I think is the best, until last!!! Just to keep you guessing... :D

Bye for now!
Love Emma xxx


  1. Thinking of you sweetheart, and sending you a massive hug. You know where I am ...

    Loved your cards on Barb's show, she has the best DT :).

    Much love,
    Helen xxx

    1. Thank you Helen...I'm trying really hard but not feeling great right now and that massive hug was just what I needed. :)
      Glad you liked the cards...
      Love Emma xxx

  2. Aww big hugs from me. I love your cards, and was able to identify yours even before Barb said! Gorgeous each and every one. Zo xxx

  3. Just like Zo, I was able to pick most of your cards before Barbara said. They have an indefinable quality about them. I will certainly not get bored of looking at them. xx Maggie

  4. Hi Emma
    Just catching up with all you wonderful makes. I've not had much pc time of late so that's why I haven't been by for a whlile.
    I adore the Graphic 45 cards and this Clarity card is yet another work of art. So sorry to hear you're having a rough time - life can be quite a challenge at times. You know where I am if I can help in any way.

    Love Vicky xxx

  5. Hi Emma,
    Just having a catch up at last! So many stunning creations since I last visited!

    So sorry to hear your news :( Hope your mum is on the mend now.
    Take care hunni

  6. Sending you a big hug, Emma and an even bigger one from DD, she's excellent at making you feel better with her hugs and she's very happy to share them. You've really had a tough time recently. Hope your Mum is feeling better.
    We are thinking about you!!
    Loved the Clarity shows, especially the workshop, at the weekend and those Poppies had to be my favourite with the adorable field mouse from Sundays shows. It's always a thrill to spot your cards.
    Hope you are taking some "me" time at the minute.
    Take care my lovely friend.
    Hugs Lisax

  7. Hi Emma, I unfortunately missed the clarity shows this month, I was away on holiday, I look forward to them always. Your cards are stunning and your creations with Barbara,s designs are a perfect match.
    This poppy stamp is beautiful and so versatile.
    Sorry to hear your have a rough time, chin up xxx

    Claire x

  8. love the colours so much...the reds especially stand out! love the depth in the second card and especially love the little field mice in the first one...

    Lovely! :D


Thank you for all your comments and messages, they are all appreciated and I hope you'll come back and visit again soon...
Emma ~xx

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