Wednesday, 6 January 2010

A little birdie told me....

This is what the UK woke up to this morning...SNOW and lots of it!! 

And when it snows, there is only one thing a crafter can do and that's make cards. So, after taking a few photos of snow, then taking down all the Christmas decorations and generally tidying up, I decided it was time to get creative and do what I do best...cover myself in glitter and get messy!!

And talking of card making, one of my favourite techniques has to be stamping. Why? ~Because you could stamp the same image over and over again and with so many various ways to change the look or appearance of a rubber stamped image...if you want, that image will never look the same twice. On these cards below, I used a stamp from American comes in a collection of acrylic stamps but it has to be one of my best buys. I find myself using it all the time...whether it be on cards or just as a message on the envelope, it is just so useful and makes such a wonderful, little finishing touch.

On both of these cards, I've used stamps. From the on-trend flourishes to the stunning tree and owl image, which followers of my blog might recognise from previous posts...all are stamps and all can be made to look completely different, as to how you choose to use them. Add the stamped images to backing papers and with a few final details, you can make yourself a beautiful, card...that anyone would be proud to receive!


  1.'s simply amazing what you're able to create from just one stamp! Brilliant cards, baby! :D

    Oh, and enjoy all that snow! ;) <333


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